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  • Hello caruso211!
    Hopefully you had a merry chrismas, some days to relax and get new power to do all the little wonders, men do (joke). We had no contact just for a longer time - I wrote you one or two messages, but not shure, that you ´ve gotten them. If you can read this, please send a little notice to old dieter3641.
    Greatings and a happy NewYear for you!
    Hello Caruso211!
    I hope you stay in a good health. I became a little quiet lst time. So far:
    SC Raven = Kellz00o : corvette. Even the video-site gets open...
    Hallo caruso211!
    Your e-mail account doesn´t work - so I couldn´t send you: SC OhAlex = Ttiuwey722 : vermilli
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