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Hi everyone

can anyone here tell what the best site ripper to use for ripping pics off southern-charms

*mine will not connect to charms no more since they upgraded...

*thanks in advance


Please send a pm to DoctorRobert, im sure he can explain you!


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Just learning how to use DownThemAll. Did I have to download each picture one at a time?

Definitely faster with DownThemAll than what I was doing manually. Even created a macro for the steps with DownThemAll.

Was hoping there would be a batch option


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that is what im using but it the best i can do for now ..

thanks everyone


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I use "Download All Images" for Firefox:

You can use how many Levels Deep you want to go to grab images as well as being able to filter image size (so you dont grab the thumbs / main images).

I use this to download each "Set" individually (if they dont have the download zip option) so I can make sure I dont miss any of the video clips

But you can use it to search / grab all the images from the site. I do this for the Bonus sets where I set it to search 3 or 4 levels deep for "zb*.jpg" from the main page.

Hope this helps


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I know this topic is kind of old but I'm trying to learn downthemall.

Do I need to know the folder name the file(s) are in that I'm trying to download?

Maybe I'm way off, but I'm clicking on "add download" then in the download box I'm typing in the url where I know the file is located. My problem is I'm not sure the format of urls of southern-charms private pages / images.

Also, once I direct downthemall to the correct url, can I use *.* (ie: if the file formats are URL/ma001.jpg can I use URL/ma*.*

I apologize, I'm noobish, and thanks in advance
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