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Curvy Sharon_Bikini Belly Bustout_curvysharonsc1vid53

I just bought a silky string bikini for summer. I hadn't bothered trying it on at the store, and now that I'm home I discover it's way too small for me. The top doesn't cover much more than my areolas, and the bottoms only cover a few inches of my long ass crack. See what I mean? And my belly is completely busting out!!! That's okay, though, because it allows me easy access to my favorite curve - my full, round, sexy TUMMY. I love playing with this curvy belly of mine, love kneading, squeezing, shaking and rubbing it, and I love to have it played with too. I show you just how I like it as I talk to you throughout this "belly-licious" vid, the companion video to my Update 134.


Curvy Sharon_Shakin' My Stuff_curvysharonsc1vid59

For those who've asked to see me shaking all my "stuff" - my luscious big tits, belly, butt - this video is for you. There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on, I even shake my plump furry pussy for the camera! And I get down on hands and knees to treat you to some in-your-face booty clapping. No matter which part of my wiggly, jiggly BBW body you prefer, you'll love this vid. (Runtime is 5:58, contains full audio plus music.)



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